Why don’t you sponsor a precious child? You can change a young person's direction and give hope and light in the dark despair of poverty.

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With as little as N5,000
per month

You can provide a child with Medical Care, Clothing, Feeding, Schooling and Shelter annually...
Tuition Cost
Nursery School ₦ 10,000.00
Primary School (1-6) ₦ 10,000.00
Junior Secondary School (1-2) ₦ 15,000.00
Junior Secondary School (3) ₦ 18,000.00
Senior Secondary School (1-2) ₦ 15,000.00
Tertiary Institutions ₦ 40,000.00

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Basic Trust International


Is an orphan who also had severe medical problems with one of his eyes. His benefactor died suddenly and he was left with no one to pay his school fees. Our scholarship ensured that he did not have to abandon his education.

Basic Trust International


Rebels burnt down his entire village and his parents had to move sixteen miles to another, and became unemployed. His hopes of continuing his education hung in the balance. BASIC Trust International® awarded him a scholarship that enabled him to continue his course.

Basic Trust International


Lost his father and became responsible for providing for his mother [a peasant farmer] and siblings. This was a daunting task for a young man. He considered dropping out of school [his only real hope of making something for himself]. Another BASIC Trust International® grant put him through school.

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